First impressions are everything, and when you’re getting married, you only get one chance to make a lasting first impression on your future in-laws and the rest of your wedding guests. It’s important to choose the right venue, food, entertainment, and other components of your wedding; but it’s just as vital to hire the right wedding photographer. An engagement session is an opportunity to get to know your photographer more intimately while also allowing them to get to know you better too.

The photographer learns your style

An engagement session helps your photographer get to know you and your partner better. They can learn about your style, and see how you interact together in front of their lens. This makes them more comfortable when it comes time for your wedding day, so they’re able to capture moments as authentically as possible without feeling like they need to force poses or suggestions on you.

They help you relax

It can be easy to feel overwhelmed on your wedding day, especially if you’re an introverted person. Getting engaged before your wedding day lets you get comfortable in front of a camera and helps you enjoy getting ready for your big day.

It helps determine if you have a good connection with your photographer

For many couples, hiring a wedding photographer is a big decision, one that often requires serious planning and budgeting. Because of these factors, it’s no surprise that many couples choose to do engagement sessions. Doing so allows you to get acquainted with your chosen photographer and determine if you have a good connection before committing to an entire photography package. As professional photographers who see hundreds of engaged couples every year, we know how important communication is during wedding planning—and therefore how important good communication is in general.

Engagement sessions are fun!

How often do you have a chance to dress up, stand in front of a camera, and see yourself as others see you? It’s fun for all involved! Plan your session like you're planning an amazing date! Make it special. Make it memorable. Make it romantic. Make it YOU! Your engagement photos will be a lasting reminder of how much fun you had on that day. They'll show off who you are and what's important to both of you. And they'll give your photographer some great shots for your wedding album. What could be better than that?

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