Andrew Montoya

Whether it be woodworking, fishing, archery, or tinkering with electronics, I've always got a project I’m trying to work on. However, my biggest love, after my wife, sons, and dogs, is photography and filmmaking. I want fun to be at the core of every session I do. I love to see genuine smiles, and I love helping to create those smiles. Photography sessions don’t have to be awkward, uncomfortable, or, boring. If you’re ready to see how fun it can be, contact CAMM Photography!

Melissa Montoya

Some fun facts about me; I really love coffee, dogs, and taking walks (my little Caleb will always be my first love of course). Ideally, I would walk my dogs while drinking coffee everyday, but that's unreasonable for now due to stroller management. Photography gives me that same feeling of drinking coffee with my dogs. Meeting clients and being part of their big days and life changing moments is an honor, and I have so much gratitude for those who allow us to be apart of that.  It is so exciting to be able to work with my husband to capture memorable life moments, and I hope you'll let us be a part of yours.

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