There is nothing quite as exciting as shooting in unusual places when it comes to photography sessions. Whether it's a father-daughter session in a boxing gym, a wedding at a distillery, or an engagement session in a private parking garage, these out-of-the-ordinary settings give a special layer of significance to the pictures and produce absolutely unique memories.

For instance, consider the wedding I captured at a distillery in Dallas, Texas. Since the groom works there, he was able to grant us access to parts of the distillery that are usually closed to the general public. The outcome was a collection of gorgeous, distinctive wedding images that perfectly encapsulated the couple's love story.

The groom's contacts from his job servicing elevators also allowed for the engagement photo shoot to be held at a private parking garage. The locale gave the couple's images a distinctive and urban backdrop and gave the session more character.

The father-daughter boxing lesson at the dad's boxing facility in Houston, Texas was not only enjoyable but also important. The gym has significant meaning for the father and daughter, and photographing their relationship in this environment was extremely remarkable.

These particular settings provide photographic sessions a certain flair and increase their personal significance for clients. As a photographer, I constantly look for one-of-a-kind and distinctive venues that accurately capture the personalities and love stories of my clients. Capturing moments that clients will appreciate for a lifetime is more important than just taking attractive images.

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